Integrate your existing network with scalable cloud-based solutions.

Putting your business operations onto servers hosted off site with security and disaster recovery in place.

What is Cloud Computing? Simply put, Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. You typically pay only for cloud services you use, helping lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently, and scale as your business needs change. In today’s business environment, we have been propelled into a world where people need to work remotely. We help organizations make this happen effectively and securely. Cloud Computing doesn’t need to be limited to working outside the office. This can be very effective for the office environment as well. Cloud Computing eliminates the need for expensive servers and dedicated onsite IT support to keep them operational. We can help manage and support your system anywhere you do business.

What’s Included

Cloud Computing Services Include

Our clients can expect exceptional service in:

  • Assessing your current technology infrastructure and identifying opportunities for cloud integration.
  • Developing and implementing a customized cloud integration plan.
  • Migrating data and applications to the cloud.
  • Providing training and support to help your team effectively use cloud technologies.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your cloud integration is running smoothly.

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Server vs. M365

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Number of Users:

Service Server M365 Savings

Hardware/Software/Licensing $20,000.00 Servers require custom configurations
  • CPUs (minimum 2 for availability)
  • Memory (64GB or more)
  • Hard Drives (SSD or NVMe)
  • RAID configuration
  • Power supply (2+ for availability)
  • Network cards (2+ for availability
  • UPS in case of power outage
  • Server Licenses (min 16 Core)
  • Client Access Licensing
  •  ⓘ
    $0.00 M365 does not require hardware ⓘ -$20,000.00

    Setup/Install $10,000.00 Servers require custom setup of
  • Users
  • Policies
  • Groups
  • Configuration Profiles
  • Folder Access
  • User Data Sync (Folder Redirection)
  • Update Requirements
  • Password Policies
  • Domain
  •  ⓘ
    $6,000.00 M365 requires custom setup of
  • Users (emails already setup)
  • Policies
  • Groups
  • Configuration Profiles
  • Folder Access (simplified through Teams)
  • User Data Sync (OneDrive)
  • Update Requirements
  • Password Policies
  •  ⓘ

    Cloud Backup $9,100.00 Cloud Backup of the Server and Emails requires licensing and storage which grows exponentially - 7 year retention. ⓘ $3,600.00 Email backup only as this includes SharePoint and OneDrive along with the email backup - 7 year retention. ⓘ -$5,500.00

    Firewall (hardware) $1,200.00 Local firewalls are important to protect users from external attacks. ⓘ $0.00 Firewalls are configured in Azure and Mobile Device Management. No other license or hardware required. ⓘ -$1,200.00

    Maintenance/Support $10,800.00 Recommended monthly maintenance (updaes, security scans etc.) as well as support for failed parts (parts under warranty but replacement may not be) or failed connections due to updates or user error. ⓘ $2,000.00 Acces review, security review and minor config changes. ⓘ -$8,800.00

    Remote Access (VPN) $550.00 Hardware required to be purchased and configured with SSL certificates and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). This is just for the connection setup all users will require licensing for access as well. ⓘ $0.00 Only licensing for users required. ⓘ -$550.00

    Security $360.00 Anti-Ransomware and other security software for servers. All users will require licensing as well on individual systems. ⓘ $0.00 All users will require licensing on individual systems. ⓘ -$360.00

    User Software $12,240.00 A minimum of email and Microsoft Office for Desktop is required - current license $17/month/user. ⓘ $21,600.00 For most office users a minimum of Microsoft Business Premium is required (field licenses are available) - current licenses $29.80/month/user ⓘ $9,200.00

    Other $5,000.00 Due to number of connections - server, firewall, VPN device, VPN client there is a higher likelyhood for failure of either device or connection. Contingency fund created for such device failures. ⓘ $1,000.00 Contingency fund created for support in case of connection failure. ⓘ -$4,000.00

    Totals $69,250.00 $38,200.00 -$35,050.00

    51% Savings over a 3 year period.

    Numbers are based on a 3 year term.